(foto) Day V. La La Play expedition 2023 – „Danube” edition

On the fifth day of the musical expedition “La La Play 2023 – the “Danube” edition, we managed to discover five locations that delighted us with their beauty and value.

In the morning I visited the “Maria Filotti” theater in Brăila, one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in Romania.

Then, we mobilized to organize two flashmobs in the Kaufland stores in Tulcea and Brăila, where we were greeted by beautiful people and thirsty for good music.

On the way to Tulcea, we managed to admire the superb panorama of the Măcin Mountains and convinced ourselves once again of the beauty of the Romanian countryside.

And finally, the day ended with a spectacular concert at the Civic Square in Tulcea.

Here are the photos from the fourth day:

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