About Us

The Moldovan National Youth Orchestra was founded in 2011 out of the desire to create a competitive platform for young musicians ambitious to perform.

The team was founded by Andriano Marian, together with Gabriel Bebeslea and maestro Petre Sbarcea with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova. During 12 years of activity, the orchestra performed over 400 events (concerts, festivals, social projects) in the country, as well as in Romania, Ukraine and Germany.

The Moldovan Youth Orchestra platform hosted over 500 young people from 12 countries, positioning itself as an international project that maintained a close connection between musicians from Moldova and abroad. The most important programs carried out by the orchestra are: the orchestra’s summer residences, the musical expedition La La Play, Pop Symphonic, Rock Symphonic, Music from Oscar Films, as well as the project of social inclusion through music — Voices Moldova.

The orchestra collaborated with outstanding musicians such as: Simon Trpčeski, Ilian Gîrnetă, Alexandra Conunova, Valentina Nafornița, Goran Bregovic, Okean Elizy, BI-2 and many other valuable musicians. The Moldovan Youth Orchestra is characterized as an entity always in search of the new and the development of society through art.