From its foundation to the present, the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra has collaborated with 400 musicians and has over 400 projects in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Germany. Thus, we invite you to find out which are the most important projects in our experience.

#Summer Residences of Classical Music

The Summer Residences of Classsical Music succeeds in bringing together dozens of young musicians from Moldova and abroad every year to interact through music. Here are some photos from inside a residence.

# Musical expedition La La Play

La La Play is a musical expedition carried out annually by the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra. Through this project, the music speaks about the exceptional places and people of Moldova. We invite you to watch some photos and video from the La La Play 2022 expedition.


# Music Connecting People

Music Connecting People is a cultural diplomacy project that aims to unite people from both banks of the Dniester River through music. Within the project, the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra organized ten chamber concerts and many thematic activities. Thus, the musicians traveled approximately 2,500 km to bring the inhabitants of the two banks of the Dniester closer together.

# Concert at Konzerthaus, Berlin

# Pop Simfonic