(foto) Day III. La La Play expedition 2023 – „Danube” edition

On the third day of the musical expedition La La Play 2023 – „Danube” edition, we managed to visit four special locations in Turnu Măgurele.

Thus, we managed to hold a concert in the central park of Turnu Măgurele, we made a musical flashmob at the Kaufland store in the region, we visited the „Flacăra” cinema – built in 1930 and ended the day with a special concert in „Piața Revoluției” in Slobozia.

We are glad that we were greeted by a warm and receptive audience at Turnu Măgurele and Slobozia. Keep an eye on us. We are going to discover many beautiful locations during the expedition!

Here are the photos from the third day:

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