For the seventh consecutive year, the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra launches the musical expedition – La La Play

After six years of musical tours through Moldova and over 150 locations where we brought music to about 14,000 people, the La La Play team crosses the Prut with the „Dunărea” edition.

Between June 11-17, we will carol the cities of Galaţi, Alexandria, Brăila, Tulcea, Danube Delta, Turnu Măgurele and Slobozia in Romania, with a series of concerts performed live outdoors in unconventional spaces.

We decided that the first edition in Romania would be linked to the Danube river and the central-eastern counties adjacent to its waters. We will explore five counties, six cities and around 30 tourist locations where we expect to meet 5000 spectators. The end of the expedition will be in the Danube Delta where we will explore the villages and fauna of the famous nature reserve.



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